Using Self Storage to Stage Your Home for a Successful Sale

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Besides price, location and job opportunities in your local area, the physical condition and decor of your home is a major factor in ensuring a successful sale of your property – and it’s the one element that you can take complete control of.

Presenting your home as a desirable prospect for would-be buyers is rather like setting the stage for a theater or movie production – which is why they call it staging.

The "makeup department” (repainting or repairing stuff that’s broken or loose) will add the finishing touches. But before you get to that stage, you’ll be looking to impress people with the amount of space available in the house – with possibilities for new owners to do with as they please.

Home Staging Tip #1 – Begin By Decluttering

To free up more space for impressing potential buyers, you should start by removing items that detract from the spaciousness of your living room, family room and bedrooms – and the amount of storage space available within the house, in closets, the attic, your basement, and the garage. Items to consider would include:

  • Excess furniture
  • Toys and games
  • Photographs
  • Personal collections
  • Boxes of assorted stuff

Home Staging Tip #2 – Clear the Curb

Vehicles, trailers, boats, and large pieces of outdoor or garage equipment will detract from the appeal of your home’s exterior, so these should be hidden away or moved off-site, as well.

If you rent a self-storage unit, you’ll have a secure and sheltered place for all the loose items and furniture that you temporarily remove to emphasise your free space. There are self-storage facilities that will let you store your vehicles, as well.

Home Staging Tip #3 – Repair and Repaint

Any outstanding repairs or replacements should be done before putting your home on display. As part of the staging process, it’s also worth considering a fresh lick of paint – and keep in mind that neutral tones and lighter colours play best.

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