Lockable Containers

Below is our pricing structure for our lockable containers and other services.

image of storage container dimmensions

20ft Container


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image of our storage container for rent
Just $360per/month

Internal Individually Alarmed Units

Sizing Options

All units have a ceiling height of 2.4m

1.5 x 1m

1.5 x 1.5m

2 x 1.5m

2 x 2m

3 x 1.5m

3 x 3m

3.5 x 3m

3.5 x 3.5m

4.5 x 3m

5.0 x 3m

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image of our storage container for rent
From $140per/month

We also offer storage in our outdoor area...


Vehicles up to 3.5T

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image of a car for storage
From $240 per/month


Up to 20ft

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image of a boat for storage
From $290per/month

Trucks, Buses

Please contact us to discuss.


image of a truck for storage
From POAper/month

Insurance Pricing

Whilst we do everything we can to ensure your stored items are secure, there can be no guarantees in life, and for this reason, if you do not have insurance cover, or your Insurer will not cover you while your goods are in storage, we are able to assist you to make suitable insurance arrangements at a very reasonable cost.


Cover Options Premium (per month)
$5000 $7.50
$6000 $9.00
$7000 $10.50
$8000 $12.00
$9000 $13.50
$10000 $15.00
$15000 $22.50
$20000 $30.00
$30000 $45.00
$50000 $75.00


You can purchase your insurance cover in multiples of $1,000 to suit (a minimum premium of $7.50 per month would apply) at a cost of $1.50 per $1,000 (per month).

Maximum cover available per storage unit: $50,000.

Standard: $100 except earthquake

Earthquake: 1% of loss with a minimum of $2500

All you need do is complete a simple declaration form and add to our storage contract.

Premiums are calculated using the simple premium table shown above.

Insurance is only valid while the premium is paid in advance.

NB: Information valid as at 1/4/2024 and is subject to change.

All prices are GST inclusive.

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