Below are a list of common questions people ask us, you may find your one here! If not, just contact us!

Are there any extra charges?

There are no extra charges!

How often can I access my space? Does it cost extra?

At Depot Self Storage you can access your space between 6AM-8PM, 7 days a week. If you require access outside of these hours please call the manager to arrange after-hours access.

What kind of security is provided?

Depot Self Storage have heavily invested in physical security systems and procedures to add to the security of your belongings while in storage. The alarm on your storage unit is automatically de-activated when you use your access key card to enter the facility so you are able to access your unit.

We have the following security measures in place:
- 24/7 CCTV recorded surveillance
- Access Controls Systems in place
- Individually Alarmed Storage Units
- 24 Hour security response and alarm monitoring
- Secure Electric Fence around the perimeter of the entire site
- High security perimeter lighting
- Daily Lock integrity checks

Are my goods insured?

You will need to organise your own insurance against fire, theft or breakage.
Whilst we do everything we can to ensure your stored items are secure, there can be no guarantees in life, and for this reason, if you wish to have your stored goods insured we are able to assist you to make suitable insurance arrangements at a very reasonable cost. If we damage your contents by accident or negligence our insurance will cover the damage.
Please contact us for more information. Our insurance rates start from as low as $7.50 a month for $5000 of cover.

What happens if I do not pay my rent?

Rent is paid monthly in advance by Direct Debit. If rent is not paid according to the Terms of the Agreement a 10% late fee per day will be added after 10 days for overdue rent. Should there be any unforeseen issues with timely payment of rent, please contact us immediately so we can resolve the matter promptly.

NOTE: We may over lock your storage unit and restrict your access to our storage facility until you all arrears are received in cleared funds. If any amount you owe us remains outstanding for more than 52 days after the due date the contents of your storage unit may be sold by auction, to recover any amounts you owe us, in accordance with the terms contained in the Agreement.

What happens if I move out early?

You only pay for the storage you have used and therefore you will be refunded by direct credit if you choose to vacate your premises – provided there are no other arrears outstanding on your account. A bank account number will need to be supplied upon expiry of your Agreement.

Where can I get boxes?

Depot Self Storage sells boxes, tape and packaging supplies. You can even order items online. Please visit our online store.

What sizes are the spaces?

Depot Self Storage has a wide variety of storage units from deposit boxes, safes, lockers, 20ft containers, various individual units’ right up to mini warehouses between 150m2 to 250m2
Please call us or pop in to view the available size spaces available.
Contact us here.

Who else has access?

With self storage you control the access and you keep the access key. Only those you provide access to will be given access.

How long can I keep it?

Depot Self Storage have no fixed period for containers and individual units. This provides you with increased flexibility. You can move in or move out anytime you like.

NOTE: Our mini warehouses have a minimum term lease.

How much does a storage space cost?

Storage unit prices vary depending on size.
Click here to view prices

How can and when do I pay?

Our preferred method of payment is by direct debit or credit card authorisation, although you can also pay by EFTPOS or using our online payment system. Storage hire is paid monthly in advance when moving in and pro-rated when you move out. Monthly invoices are not normally issued unless specifically requested.

Are packing supplies available?

Yes, we stock a range of different sized boxes, tape, bubble wrap, furniture wraps and other packing supplies - Just ask our manager or view available items at our online Store.

What notice do I need to give before I vacate my unit?

Our minimum term of rental is one month. We require two weeks notice prior to you vacating your storage unit. Refunds will be paid into your bank account by direct credit.

Can you help me move?

Depot Self Storage can move individual items for you or an entire house. There's no job too big or too small for us. You can place your trust in our professional team to remove the stress and make your move easy. Alternatively we have an enclosed trailer free of charge!

Please check the Removals page for more information.


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